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Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, ISSN: 2457-1024; 2231-0843 (old),Vol.: 32, Issue.: 5


Assessment of Existing Water Productivity and Cropping Intensity of Right Bank Canal Command of Samrat Ashok Sagar Project of Vidisha District, Madhya Pradesh, India


S. S. Basediya1*, S. K. Pyasi1, Akhilesh Solanki1, Ashok Kumar1 and R. N. Shrivastava1

1Department of Soil and Water Engineering, J. N. K. V. V. Jabalpur, India.

Article Information


(1) Dr. Ahmed Fawzy Yousef, Associate Professor, Department of Geology, Desert Research Center, Egypt.


(1) Mairton Gomes da Silva, Federal University of Recôncavo of Bahia (UFRB), Brazil.

(2) Miguel Aguilar Cortes, Universidad Autonoma Del Estado De Morelos, Mexico.

(3) R. K. Mathukia, Junagadh Agricultural University, India.

Complete Peer review History: http://www.sdiarticle3.com/review-history/44185


The existing water productivity and cropping intensity of right bank canal (RBC), command area was found 0.60 kg m-3 and 163%, respectively. The right bank canal comprises of five water user association namely, Sarchampa, Ucher, Medaki, Sayar and Neemkheda whose existing cropping intensity was found to be 181, 149, 158, 177 and 172%, respectively. The cropping intensity of villages under study varies between 110 to 200%. It was also found that only six village, out of 55 villages were having cropping intensity less than 140%. On the higher side, only five villages were having cropping intensity of more than 190%. The lowest cropping intensity (115%) was found in Sunari village of Medaki water user association (WUA). The village had 245 ha net sown area in rabi season but very less net sown area (84 ha) in kharif season due to unavailability of water. Similarly, less cropping intensity (118%) was found in Anouriberkhedi village, was having 264 ha net sown area out of 455 ha in rabi season and 272 ha net sown area out of 455 ha in kharif season. The total water supplied in M m3 excluding losses from RBC was collected from water resources department and the data on total production of wheat was collected from revenue record of Vidisha district to assess the existing water productivity. The existing water productivity of the command area was found to be 0.60 kg m-3 for rabi season.

Keywords :

Cropping intensity; water productivity; canal command area; water management; water user association.

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DOI : 10.9734/CJAST/2019/44185

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