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Effect of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Levels on Yield and Economics of Interspecific Hybrid Cotton (Gossypiumspp) under Southern Dry Zone of Karnataka...

Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, Volume: 30, Issue: 6 2019, Pages: 1-8

The field experiment was conducted at ZARS, V. C. Farm, Mandya during Kharif season of 2016 and 2017 in Southern Dry Zone of Karnataka to optimize levels of major nutrients for interspecific hybrid cotton. The experiment on nutrient management was la...

Clustering Analysis of the Survey for Mobility Reasons in the US 1999-2017

Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Volume: 3, Issue: 1 2019, Pages: 1-12

This paper is to estimate the survey for 98000 addresses from 1999-2017 in United States bureau of Census by using cluster analysis. The analysis is mainly applied by Approximate Covariance Estimation for CLUSTING (ACECLUS), and procedure variables f...

Antimicrobial Potential of Pelargonium citrosum and Rosmarinus officinalis Essential Oils

International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Volume: 18, Issue: 1 2019, Pages: 1-5

Essential oils derived from aromatic plants have exhibited biological properties and can be used to prevent and treat human diseases. The goal of this work was to investigate the antibacterial and antifungal potential of the essential oils extracted ...

An Assessment of the Effects of Insecticide-Treated Livestock Protective Fences (LPF) for Protecting Humans from Anthropophilic Mosquitoes and Malaria Transmission in a Suburb of Kumasi in the Forest ...

International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health, Volume: 34, Issue: 2 2018, Pages: 1-8

Aim: The study investigated whether a 100 cm high livestock protective fence (LPF), effectively protects humans against anthropophilic mosquitoes and hence malaria. Study Design: Four experimental segregated, half-roofed shelters with concrete floor...

Earthworm Functional Groups, Residue Quality and Management Impact on Upland Rice Growth and Yield – An Experimental Study in the Madagascar Highlands. ...

Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, Volume: 30, Issue: 5 2019, Pages: 1-14

Aims: In Madagascar, agroecological practices to increase and sustain upland rice productivity are based on an intensification of soil ecological processes. Study Design: The effects of earthworm presence and identity (Pontoscolex corethrurus, Dicho...

Confused Pixels Interference in Maps of Agricultural Management Zones

Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, Volume: 30, Issue: 5 2019, Pages: 1-10

Management zones can be delimited using fuzzy logic, a technique that assigns values of degrees of pertinence to each pixel of a map. When the value tends to 1, these degrees indicate that there is certainty that the pixel belongs to a certain class ...

How the Soil Resistance to Penetration Affects the Development of Agricultural Crops?

Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, Volume: 30, Issue: 5 2019, Pages: 1-17

The SPR is an indicator that describes the physical strength that the soil exerts on the root that tries to move through along the profile, being directly influenced by bulk density, porosity and, mainly, by soil moisture at the time of evaluation. T...

Gender Relation between Supervisor and Subordinate Using Statistical Tools

Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, Volume: 3, Issue: 2 2019, Pages: 1-8

This research entitled “Gender Relation between supervisor and subordinate” (A Study of First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Makurdi, Branch). It deals with the important aspects which a Supervisor performs on the Bank and also the Qualities of Gen...

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