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A dedicated SDI indexing team is working to include all of our journals in reputed indexing services or journal evaluation services. As a result, within a short span of time our journals have been included in some major indexing databases or journal evaluation services and the number is increasing every month. We strongly encourage authors to take more informed decision before submission of any manuscript. In order to help the authors to take 'more informed decision' and to substantiate our claims, we are providing web-links/proofs beside most of our claims of indexing or journal evaluation services. Authors should visit the official site of the indexing organization or journal evaluation services before submitting any manuscript. We hope authors will appreciate our efforts to maintain integrity and transparency.


ISI Impact factor: No new journal, even published by the top most publishers, can have ISI impact factor in first two years of operation. As per the rules of ISI, any new journal may get its first impact factor after two years of operation (See more information in this regard at the official web page of ISI or in wikipedia). We have already officially applied for ISI indexing of our journals by following the strict rules of ISI. We are awaiting the evaluation result. 


PubMED: Our Medical journals are also planned to be included in PubMED soon. We have already officially applied for PubMED indexing of our relevant journals by following the strict technical evaluation rules of PubMED. Some of our papers are already appearing in PUBMED (http://publicaccess.nih.gov/submit_process.htm#c) OR (http://europepmc.org/FAQs#respubs (Method C)).

For example please see PMID: 24900951PMID: 24839595, PMID: 24688980PMID: 24678462PMID: 24611133PMID: 24466509, PMID: 24319672, PMID 24278850  PMID 22076318, PMID 22268001, PMID 22737655, PMID 22905340, PMID 22993721, BBJ: PMID: 2492643, EJMP: PMID: 24478981 (PMCID: PMC4041283PMCID: PMC4020120PMCID: PMC3969754PMCID: PMC3963698PMCID: PMC3942885PMCID: PMC3898533, PMCID: PMC3419538, PMCID: PMC3378209, PMCID: PMC3261794, PMCID: PMC3210401, PMCID: PMC3444260, PMCID: PMC3850174, PMCID: PMC3837198, BBJ: PMCID: PMC4051304, EJMP: PMCID: PMC3903096)

At present most of our journals are covered by the following leading services:


US National Library of Medicine (NLM) Catalog (see ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/pubmed/J_Medline.txt)

1. International journal of medical and pharmaceutical case reports

2. Annual research & review in biology

3. International neuropsychiatric disease journal

4. British biotechnology journal

5. British journal of medicine and medical research

6. British journal of pharmaceutical research

7. British microbiology research journal

8. European journal of medicinal plants

9. International journal of biochemistry research & review

10. International journal of tropical disease & health

11. International research journal of pure and applied chemistry

12. Cardiology and Angiology: An International Journal

          13. British Journal of Applied Science & Technology

ISI Web of Science citations (proofs of reference citations in ISI database)

1. American Chemical Science Journal (ACSj Screenshot)

2. Annual Research & Review in Biology (ARRB Screenshot 1, ARRB Screenshot 2)

3. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research (BJMMR Screenshot 1, BJMMR Screenshot 2, BJMMR Screenshot 3, BJMMR Screenshot 4, BJMMR Screenshot 5, BJMMR Screenshot 6, BJMMR Screenshot 7)

4. Physical Science International Journal (PSIJ Screenshot)

5. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports (JSRR Screenshot)

6. International STD Research & Reviews (I-SRR Screenshot)

7. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health (IJTDH Screenshot 1, IJTDH Screenshot 2)

8. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science (IJPSS Screenshot)

9. International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review (IJBCRR Screenshot)

10. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety (EJNFS Screenshot 1, EJNFS Screenshot 2)

11. European Journal of Medicinal Plants (EJMP Screenshot 1, EJMP Screenshot 2, EJMP Screenshot 3, EJMP Screenshot 4)

12. British Microbiology Research Journal (BMRJ Screenshot 1, BMRJ Screenshot 2, BMRJ Screenshot 3)

13. British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (BJPR Screenshot 1, BJPR Screenshot 2)

14. British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science (BJESBS Screenshot 1, BJESBS Screenshot 2)

15. British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade (BJEMT Screenshot)

16. British Journal of Environment and Climate Change (BJECC Screenshot 1, BJECC Screenshot 2, BJECC Screenshot 3)

17. British Journal of Applied Science & Technology (BJAST Screenshot 1, BJAST Screenshot 2)

18. British Biotechnology Journal (BBJ Screenshot 1, BBJ Screenshot 2)

19. American Journal of Experimental Agriculture (AJEA Screenshot 1, AJEA Screenshot 2, AJEA Screenshot 3)

Index Medicus (For bio-Medical journals only) (IMSEAR-WHO)

Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Original link)
ProQuest  (Screen shot)

EBSCOhost (USA) (Mail confirmation link)

Chemical Abstracts Service (“CAS”) (Mail confirmation link)


HINARI (United Nation's Database)

CAB abstract

CABI Global Health

Thomson Web of Knowledge (By CABI Global Health Delivery Platform) (WoK Link)
OvidSP (By CABI Global Health Delivery Platform)
DIMDI (By CABI Global Health Delivery Platform)
Dialog (By CABI Global Health Delivery Platform)
STN International (By CABI Global Health Delivery Platform)


Zentralblatt MATH (only for BJMCS)


AGORA (United Nation's FAO database)

Google scholar

American Journal of Experimental Agriculture (h5-index: 9 and h5-median: 11)

Annual Research & Review in Biology (h5-index: 4 and h5-median: 5)

British Biotechnology Journal (h5-index: 8 and h5-median: 15)

British Microbiology Research Journal (h5-index: 7 and h5-median: 9)

International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review (h5-index: 6 and h5-median: 7)

British Journal of Environment and Climate Change (h5-index: 7 and h5-median: 10)

British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research (h5-index: 11 and  h5-median: 13)

British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (h5-index:10 and h5-median: 12)

European Journal of Medicinal Plants (h5-index: 9 and h5-median: 11)

British Journal of Applied Science & Technology (h5-index: 7 and h5-median: 10)

British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science (h5-index: 7 and h5-median: 11)

International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry (h5-index: 8 and h5-median: 13)



OARE (United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Yale University, etc.)

OpenJGate (World's largest database of open access journals)

Computer Science Collection

Agricultural Science Collection

Health & Medical Complete database

Research Library database

Biological Science Collection

Environmental Science Collection

Engineering Collection

Materials Science Collection

Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases

Agricultural Engineering Abstracts

Agroforestry Abstracts

Animal Breeding Abstracts

Animal Science Database

Biocontrol News and Information

Biofuels Abstracts

Botanical Pesticides

Environmental Impact database

Dairy Science Abstracts

Crop Physiology Abstracts

Field Crop Abstracts

Crop Science Database

Forest Products Abstracts
Forest Science Database
Forestry Abstracts

Grasslands and Forage Abstracts
Helminthological Abstracts
Horticultural Science Abstracts
Irrigation and Drainage Abstracts
Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Abstracts
Maize Abstracts
Nematological Abstracts


Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek(EZB)

Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB)



Funders & Authors Compliance Tool



To check the compliance of SDI journals with Funders' policies, authors may wish to visit this link (http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/fact/).

Note: ARRB was indexed by ISI Thomson Reuters up to 16th June, 2014.


Note: This page is common for all journals.

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